The musicians of the Transgender Talent roster after a music video shoot. (August 2021)
The musicians of the Transgender Talent roster after a music video shoot. (August 2021)

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Below are the talented transgender musicians who are signed with Transgender Talent, in alphabetical order by name.

Alexander James Adams


Alexia Jasmene


Amy Homberg


Andrea Scarlett


Cassie Lujan


Cris Law

Vocalist/Educator/ Accompanist

Daphne Michele Joyce

Guitarist/Singer/ Songwriter

Delia Danae Rawdon

Electronic Musician/ Performance Artist

Eka Otu


Erica Burns

Vocalist/Pianist/ Clarinetist

Ezra Maliki


Hayley Meyer


Jadina Jaguar


Jessica Hogan


Jessica Joyce

Vocalist/Arranger/Brass Player

Jordan Blaza Olsen


Kendra Meza




Tanner Pfeiffer


Victoria Nichole Hughes




Key Change Ensemble

In 2014, 197 transgender singers came together to record the largest scene of trans performers ever filmed in history.  From that historical session Transgender Talent was formed, featuring those performers as our very first clients.

We've come a long way since our inception and the demand for transgender performers has never been higher. As we speak, the consistent demand for singers of transgender experience increases, as do the standards for those performers; the entertainment industry is now ripe for professional transgender musicians, especially vocalists.

To respond to this demand, we launched a whole new side to Transgender Talent, to help anyone seeking professional transgender musicians to have a place to go to find them, and to help professional transgender musicians gain the work and recognition they deserve.


Gone are the days where “good enough” will suffice. There's a big difference between professional musicians and amateur ones. The professionals we represent have the training and experience to perform at the level required by industry standards. Plus, they have time, the discipline, and the drive to prepare whatever is needed of them.

With our access to recording gear, professional software, and engineers, we can guarantee top quality recordings performed remotely. Whether it be audio, video, or both, our work will meet the standards you or your clients need for your projects.


All too often young musicians, especially those who are transgender are approached with "credit/copy/meal" deals being offered to transgender performers of all kinds. “You'll get great exposure!" they’ll say, “Think of how much money you’ll make if you get noticed!”. Well, if one could eat exposure our initial roster of musicians would already be full to bursting. They've done live gigs from the humblest of stages to performances at the Greek, Dodger’s Stadium, Carnegie Hall, and much more; commercials ranging from intimate Facebook ads to International Proctor & Gamble campaigns; and more music videos with major name artists than we can count.

Since our roster is made of up of dedicated, professional musicians, we plan to work with the American Federation of Musicians union, and we will require compensation in the range that is typical for union musicians. You get what you pay for, and unionized musicians are well worth the money spent.