Transgender Talent is pleased to offer consulting services to help you navigate through having transgender and/or nonbinary characters and actors in your project. Our team can provide:

  • Script consulting
  • Breakdown creation
  • Casting
  • Auditions
  • On set consulting for cast and crew interaction
  • Scene consulting
  • Crisis communication

Our consultants

Ann Thomas Newsbreak

The consulting division is run by founder Ann Thomas (she/her), an award-winning trailblazer, activist, and second-generation transgender person. She has deep experience working with the Casting Society of America, CBS, HLN/CNN, and her work on Dr. Drew’s HLN show entitled “Transgender in America” won an 2016 International Television and Film Award. She is also a sought-after script consultant on trans issues. This division is an expansion of Transgender Talent's medical education division which has educated and advised UCLA medical students (now over 1000) on transgender patient care since 2006.

Kendra 2

Kendra Neuberger (she/her) has been consulting since 2016 on scripts and sides to make sure they are not harmful or exploitive for talent and helps with any corrections needed. She helps correct badly written breakdowns for transgender and nonbinary roles and will continue to work with writers on character breakdowns as well as during script writing, so there will be less confusion for everyone in the future for the industry. She is also a member of the medical education division which educates and advises UCLA medical students on transgender patient care, which
she has been doing since 2016.

Jordan Blaza Olsen short hair

Jordan Blaza Olsen (she/her), formerly known as Asia Vitale, has been consulting on transgender related issues for 20 years. Credits include consulting for: the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, U.S. Surgeon Generals’ Office, Gilead Pharmaceutical and Merck Pharmaceutical, among many other federal, state and local health departments, and corporations. She has advised on groundbreaking entertainment projects such as: The Vagina Monologues - All Transgender Cast with Eve Ensler and Jane Fonda, “Beautiful Daughters” documentary, and the National Geographic “Taboo” episode, “Changing Gender” to name a few.

Vittorio Wyatt Gray

Vittorio Wyatt Gray (he/him) is an actor, producer, director, and an LGBTQ and BIPOC diversity consultant who has worked with BuzzFeed, independent productions, churches, colleges, corporations and more to navigate: internal employee meetings, panels, corporate speaking, set intimacy coordination/coaching, on-set and writers room script consulting, and concept consulting. He is a current member of the SAG-AFTRA EEOC.


Maximilliana (they/them) has been an unofficial consultant on transgender issues for more than 20 years since starting in the 90’s as an actor being cast on shows such as “Mad TV” and “Nash Bridges.” Seeing the disparity between how Hollywood was portraying the lives of transgender people, vs the authentic transgender experience, Max began their lifelong work to changing the general public’s perception of transfolk through better media representation.

Here to Un-Complicate

Hey, all of humanity is complicated!  We're here to help un-complicate transgender and nonbinary-ness.

Feel free to reach out and ask plenty of questions.

Our company contact info is available on IMDb Pro or through our Contact Us page.  We look forward to hearing from you!