Transgender Talent was founded in early 2015.  We started with providing talent management services to transgender actors for film and TV.  To read the story of our founding, click here.

We added additional divisions to our company as the needs became more apparent:

Meet the Team

Transgender Talent's goal is to give the world a realistic view of transgender people, since the vast majority are simply normal people living normal lives.  Trans people are a cross section of every part of the world they live in.  We have huge variety as a result.

It all started with Ann Thomas, with a great deal of encouragement at the beginning by some very good friends.  Ann has not wavered towards this goal.  Since then, we have had several volunteers since the company started.  Their work has been greatly appreciated!

Ann Thomas

Ann Thomas

Founder & CEO



Kendra Neuberger

Developmental Manager

Ann is a second generation transgender activist, actress, talent manager, and producer.

Trained in TV production in her early years, she started a small independent production company in the Seattle area that ran for a few years.  She also worked in live theater as a technical director for about 25 years throughout the Pacific Northwest US.  During all that time, her day job was as a business and IT consultant in a wide variety of industries.

She was waterjet machinist for a decade or so once she moved to southern California.  He work included making part of the tracking system for the James Webb Telescope.

She also obtained US Patent 9,011,204 for water treatment.

Originally from Wisconsin, Kendra attended an acting workshop taught by Jeffery Tambor, which started her on the Hollywood pathway to her dreams.

She was involved with an independent feature film, (Death and Bowling in LA) in 2018 as talent, G&E and general PA work. She's been in a few commercial shoots as well.

Kendra also was one of the 12 people chosen to attend the first ever Casting Society of America training classes to become a casting director. She had the honor of handing out awards at the 2019 CSA Artios awards show.

Jessica Joyce - Transgender Talent square

Jessica Joyce

Music Division Head

Starting her Bachelor’s of Music Performance degree at the tender age of 16, her natural musicality took far and wide, including most continental states, Carnegie Hall, and a wonderfully cute job with the entertainment division of Disneyland Parks and Resorts playing her tuba. Well versed in Improv, Voice Acting, and Music, Jessica has had many performances all around southern California, and even performances for Films, Movies, TV Shows, and Nationally Broadcasted Events.

Keytara Mitchell - Transgender Talent 2 - square

Keytara Mitchell


Crystal Stull

Crystal "CryDuv" Stull

Audio Technical Director