Rachel Dunn-Garcia and Ann Thomas (photo by Aimee Garcia-Dunn)
Rachel Dunn-Garcia and Ann Thomas (photo by Aimee Garcia-Dunn)

Welcome to a safe place to list with.  Transgender Talent is run by and for transgender people.  We are not perfect, nor the most experienced at this, but we’re willing to give you the care you deserve.  You’re not going to have to educate us about being trans.  You’re not going to have to educate us about the difficulties, bigotry and lack of opportunities you’ve had to face just being yourself.  We’ve had our share of frustration as well.

Hollywood, for example, has a track record stretching back many decades of representing us to the public as all of being sex workers, criminals or people to be mocked.  It is our belief that this has had a huge impact on multiple generations of western society, furthering and intensifying prejudice and bigotry.  We review all material being sent to us for casting calls, and do not submit our people unless it represents us in a reasonable light.  We have rejected productions for being too stereotypical, too insulting, or just plain creepy.

We do our best to make sure that all casting calls trans people are submitted to through us are legitimate and appropriately representing trans people.  We all have to realize that scripts can change after we’ve read them, so all we can do is our best with what we have.

We want to educate people, through our performances.  We can do this because we’ve been there in the hard places in life.  We can bring that pain into what we do in a way that helps people to relate to us on a human level.

So, in a way, Transgender Talent mixes activism with business goals, so that making a buck doesn’t take precedence over our dignity.  We want us all to be here to enjoy the money we make, and not do so at the expense of our brothers and sisters lives.

What We Do

We are a talent management company.  We have two levels of service we offer.  The first is as managers.  This is described in more detail below.  We also work as a listing service, and a contact point for the entertainment industry.  We get casting notices specifically for trans roles, as well as those for roles where the creative staff wants to use a trans person for a cisgender or non-gender role.

Actors Starting Out

You can’t be an instantly good actor overnight.  There’s much more to the craft that needs to be learned.  The way you learn this is to act and take acting lessons where you can.  Through that you’ll learn the terminology, the methods, how to be directed, and lots of other important facets to the industry.  This may mean volunteer theater, getting roles in student films, working as a background actor – anything reasonable to get you on a stage or set, so you can become familiar with how it all works.  Please do cisgender roles, as well as non-gender roles.  Practice is practice.

If you live in a remote area, or one with no safe places to perform, you can always do your own videos that you can post to places like Youtube.  You can write your own scripts, or do a monologue found on line.  Doing common monologues is a way for casting directors to see something they're familiar with so they can more easily compare your acting with others.  If you have an actor that can read lines with you, it is better to do a dialog.

Also, for further information, see our YouTube channel, Transgender Talent, which is updated regularly.

Submitting for Listing or Management by Transgender Talent

First off, Transgender Talent is a talent management company, not a talent agency.  It is advised that you have both an agent and a manager to really get going in the entertainment industry, to give you the most opportunities and to navigate Hollywood.  Talent management companies by law are not allowed to seek work for their clients – that’s the job of a talent agent.  Managers help their talent to be prepared for each step in their career, and to network them into more opportunities than an agent might have.

Currently, about 75% of actors in Hollywood have a manager.  Many years ago this number was far lower.  Agents are needed because about 80% of casting calls that come out are only visible to agents, and not to the actors themselves.  Getting in with an agent can be very difficult.  One of the first steps Transgender Talent does with new talent is to shop them to agents who might be a good fit.

We are looking for actors who meet certain minimum acting range levels.  That’s the foundation for the careers for the talent we are seeking.  Built upon that could be other skills, such as modeling, dancing, singing, stage fighting, stunt work, or other special skills.

So, if you are only a model, only a dancer, or only a singer, we would find it extremely difficult to get you auditions.  It’s not that we are the ones providing the opportunities – we’re just the ones who serve as a conduit for the entertainment industry to find you and others like you, when they are looking.

We need to learn about you, so we have three things we are looking for.  We begin by making sure you can act at a sufficient level to get you into the basic bookings.  So, you need a reel (also known as ‘demo reel’) to prove that.  We also use this reel to shop you to agencies for representation, as described above.  Basic representation tends to be commercial only, while actors at a certain proficiency level will be offered theatrical (ie, acting in film, tv, or theater) representation by agents.


Your reel should show your full range of acting skills.  We have a downloadable pdf of this with details: Reels v1.1


The thing called a headshot is kind of like your driver’s license or ID picture, but of course one you are happy with!  It’s literally a picture of your head.  We’d also like a body shot – one of your entire body taken at a distance.  A profile shot is helpful as well.  You can take this with your cell phone, since most modern cameras are so good.  You can download info on headshots here: Headshots v1.0


We need to find out about you – what you’ve got for experience and what training you have.  You can download the details for that here: Resumes v1.0

Submitting to us

So once you have your reel, headshots and resume, you can send them in to us.  The headshots and resume should be small enough to attach to the email. The reel needs to be high resolution so we can clearly see you, so it should be too big to attach to the email.  Instead, upload it somewhere that is safe, like WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Vimeo (with password), or YouTube (not searchable), and send us the link (and password if you password protect it.)

Send all this to the Contact address at the bottom of this page.  Please include your full name, how you identify (ie, trans man, trans woman, non-binary, etc), preferred pronoun, email address, phone number, and location (city and state, and country).  If not a US citizen, any information about visa, work permit or immigration status will be needed.