Jude TotT Headshot 1
Jude Batterman Headshot 1 - square
  • On-Camera
  • Theatrical
  • Voiceover
  • Vocalist
  • Dancer

  • 5'4''
  • Non-Union
  • He/Him/His
  • Transgender Man
  • Local hire: Los Angeles, CA

Jude Batterman is a stage and on camera actor, singer, and dancer with a lifelong love of all things performing. While obtaining his bachelor of arts degree from Sarah Lawrence College, Jude truly discovered his identity as a transmasculine person, and where his place as a performer is. From a 1920’s movie musical to Halloween Horror Nights, Jude Batterman has performed roles all across the spectrum, something that has given him the abilities to gain the confidence to be an open trans actor. He was most recently seen on stage in LA as one of the six writer-actors in the cast of Tales of the Transcestors.